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Chasing Sustainability: Tales from South Asia

Films, stories and art give a face to every data point, and humanize them through unique, real-life experiences. When a group of scientists, film makers, teachers, artists and education-based charities passionate about climate and social justice came together, it led to the creation of new tools for climate literacy-a documentary anthology film and fun-filled lesson plans!

Here’s a short promo video of our beloved project

By showcasing the films and teaching plans in UK, South Asia and beyond, we aim to bolster youth voices and deepen their awareness of, connection to, and inspiration to address climate change issues and work for localized, inclusive, compassionate and sustainable solutions for economic and social welfare. We also hope that you can join hands with us in sharing these resources for fighting our climate emergency!

Keep checking our website for the latest updates and for more in-person screening events!

To bring a new learning experience to your students (school, university or any formal-informal education-based platforms), contact Dr Anjali Jayakumar at