University of Edinburgh and University of Helsinki partnership on forests launch

The Future of Forests. What will the boreal forests look like in 100 years from now? What is resilience and why is it important for the future of forests? What is the role of forests in mitigating climate change?

We are pleased to announce that the formal launch of the partnership in forests between the University of Edinburgh and University of Helsinki took place on Wednesday, 6 October 2021. 

The event was streamed live from Helsinki and featured panellists from both forest science and industry, as well as short greetings from PhD students currently studying as part of the programme.

The link to the video recording of the event can be found here.


Opening words by University of Helsinki vice rector, Professor Hanna Snellman

Opening words by University of Edinburgh Senior Vice- Principal, Professor Jonathan Seckl

Panel discussion moderated by Mr Mikko Jalo with panellists:

  • Annikki Mäkelä, Professor in Silviculture at the Department of Forest Sciences
  • Anna Lintunen, research coordinator at INAR Forest Sciences, Adjunct professor (title of docent) in Tree ecophysiology
  • Sami Oksa, Director, Stakeholder Relations, UPM Forest North Europe

Video greetings from our PhD students


University of Edinburgh and University of Helsinki partnership programme on forests was launched in 2019. The programme aims to foster a set of interacting projects tackling challenges in forest and climate across the two universities, with the ambition to promote continued collaborative engagement beyond the programme itself. We currently have four PhD students on the programme with supervisors from both universities.